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Your problems are spiritual and only the Lord Jesus Christ can help you. Below are a few of our sermons that deal with personal problems, addictions and the solutions.

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The Greatest Battle  CD#1545

24/7 With Jesus CD#1998

Born of The Gospel  CD#1893

Spiritual Prosperity  CD #1538

God Loves The Good Man CD #1411

Jesus Comes To The Weary CD #1372

Life's Greatest Decision,part 1 CD#350

Life's Greatest Decision, part 2  CD#350

What a Friend We Have In Jesus  CD #1643

Battle Ready CD #1442

Is It Feeling or Faith?  CD #1386

The Word Never Changes  CD #1490

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#1999 Restored To Sanity

#1893 Born of the Gospel

#2085 From Spectator to Player

#1006 The New Believer

#1376 The Power of the Word

#1663 Progression or Regression?


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We have over 2000 sermons available on cassette, CD and DVD, as well as in transcript form.

Our CDs and DVDs cover an amazingly large area of spiritual problems, and many have found answers to their problem with the knowledge that they have acquired just from listening to one of our CD messages.  A large number of penal institutions in the U.S. have our booklets and CDs in their prison library for use by the inmates, and they have found that the inmates were requesting use of them, and the readers have initiated contact with us by mail. We invite others who are interested in assistance with their emotional/spiritual problems to feel free to contact us. 

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