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Set Free Christian Ministries Prison Ministry

Set Free Christian Ministry sends sermons and bible study guides to over 75 prisons in the United States. We have a Certificate Program for Inmates designed to lead inmates through the study of God's word.  In addition, we offer free counseling and mentoring through email or letters.  We invite inmates and Chaplains to contact us to request bible study guides for our Certificate Program.  If you are praying for someone in prison, we will gladly send them Christian literature and/or Bible study guides.

For materials and/or your prayer requests 

Chaplains Corner

Just a short note to the prison Chaplains and Prison Religious Coordinators:


Praise the Lord for the faithful servants of the Lord that are zealously holding out the Word of God and making the Bible come to life in the hearts and lives of men and women who are behind bars.  Our thanks to you, and to our precious Lord for the High calling that God has placed in your life. Everyday we are constantly encouraged to hear of the magnificent changes that your efforts are making in the lives of so many people. Many of the letters which we receive every week have testified to the fact that lives are being changed by the Word of God and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Just to mention a few excerpts that we received from inmates that have read one or more of the "blue booklets" (as the inmates call them).  The writer from a prison in Alaska writes that the booklet was a blessing because it answered important questions as to why I am here and how my life can be different.  Another inmate has several booklets and he loans them out to other inmates to read and study, and then after they are returned, he loans them out again to other inmates who have requested to read them.


At the present time, we are blessed to have received from a generous donor sufficient funds to be able to offer, free of cost to you, many of the blue booklets that you may have been currently using in your counseling sessions.  Praise God they may be found also in many prison libraries.  We have quantities of a number of these booklets, and we will try to send you as many as you need, based on availability at the time we receive your request.  Of course, like all good things, our quantity is limited; therefore, it is on a first come first serve basis.  Below is a short list of several booklets that we currently have available for distribution by prison chaplains and prison religious coordinators:







Set Free Christian Ministries has an extensive library of sermon booklets and sermons on cassette, CD and DVD available, provided free of charge.  Please feel free to contact us with your needs and we will be happy to send you the resources we have available.  You may also refer prisoners to us for counseling and mentoring by email and letters.


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